Offering low risk entry into the land-based aquaculture space utilizing clean RAS technology and strategic integration to provide modular farms plans supplying local Canadian markets.


With almost 90% of the global wild fisheries currently being overfished or mismanaged, it is critical that land-based, closed containment aquaculture farms continue to emerge as the natural and sustainable solution to the impending global supply gap. Our modular farming system offer a scale of production starting at 40 MT. Catalyst farms incorporate the newest technology in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) featuring low-head design resulting in sustainable operational and production costs. Our farms are antibiotic free and are non-ocean impacting. Contact us today about our “beyond organic” farm systems.


Our Pacific Whiteleg shrimp are single-sourced from the top hatchery in the USA. The hatchery team boasts over 100 years in shrimp reproduction, broodstock and grow-out experience. Our shrimp are genetically improved for fast growth and high survival rates in our super intensive farming systems. Additionally our shrimp boast a low FCR and a minimal CoV range. The firm texture and sweet taste of the Pacific Whiteleg shrimp make it a proven winner for discerning seafood consumers.


The stable of resources at Catalyst Aquaculture have farmed many varieties of fish over the past few decades. Cultivated fish species are sourced from the top hatcheries in the US and Canada offering genetic improvements enhancing growth and fish health.  Fish feed designed for RAS systems improve production tank operations as well as better water quality for the biofiltration of the effluent waters.  The complete diets also include marine based Omega-3 fatty acid for human health. Farmed species include Steelhead trout, Artic charr and Tilapia.


Catalyst Aquaculture wants to provide sustainable land-based farming solutions to greatly reduce the impacts on our local oceans.  We are currently experiencing an annual decline of wild caught seafood supply around the globe. As we ramp up to 8+ billion people globally it will become catastrophic by 2030 or sooner. Our modular farms boast a 100% non-ocean impacting formula. Our biosecure farms are modelled on the UN 2030 SDG platform. Our farms are always supported by the Oceanwise and Sea Choice programs.


Entering into the land-based aquaculture space is a daunting and dizzying process. So much information and layered details create too many rabbit trails as you start your planning approach. Catalyst Aquaculture has organized amazing talents and resources to offer the unique option of fast tracking through the time and cost of your project start-up.

Lead by detailed SOP’s in Water Quality, Animal Health, Nutrition and Production, the Catalyst farming systems will be the most practical approach for you and your team. We are a full service provider ranging from business plans, designs, construction, commissioning, operations, sales & marketing, value-add product development and supply channel logistics.

Catalyst Aquaculture can help you frame out your land-based aquaculture farm by developing contracts for materials, supplies, construction and sales contracts to enhance your companies market profile.

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